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You are your child's first teacher



Building language and relationships through play.

The belief that every parent has the ability to improve their child’s future fuels our mission to strengthen families.

Play Smart Literacy empowers parents and caregivers by bringing awareness to the connection between talk, play and child development.

With an understanding of these powerful connections, we work to support abilities and build the skills needed to recognize, create and engage in opportunities for playful adult-child conversations every day.  

Knowledge alone is not enough.
That’s why Play Smart also
supports adults in developing skills
and forming habits that
create positive environments
rich with opportunities for
talk and play.


Bringing Change

At Play Smart Literacy, we connect with families, children, and the community to bring literacy to play. We encourage parents to become leaders and teachers in their child's lives. It is imprortant to our team to play, learn and celebrate families in Chicago!

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