Program Specifics

Watch the 12 minute webinar to hear details about our curriculum goals, strategy and outreach practices!

Connecting with young children brings them immense joy. When we invite young children to play and present them with challenges, they are eager to get to work and solve them! We remind parents to be an observer. Follow their childs' lead as they struggle and explore, then respond with conversation, support ,or guidance. This is the dance of engagement!
At the site visits, parents engage in playful learning activities with their children and learn how to access resources to repeat these activities at home.  Play Smart Activities are tied to our Pinterest boards for easy reference, to play at home, or extend independently.  
Activities are also tied to ReadyRosie, Epic! e- book collections, library workshops and other events families participate in. We will also be learning and practicing dialogic reading prompts to increase the quality of conversations.
We plan playful learning-based activities for young children.  Activities are based on state and national standards for young children and tied to Creative Curriculum & Teaching Strategies Gold.



Connecting with technology.  


Our technology components are for getting connected with successful, science-based learning programs that deliver interactive content.  Families will be given guidance and practice to access and explore the technology components of Play Smart Literacy.


Our technology components are designed to provide ongoing 24/7 support to families- no matter where their lives take them in the near future.  


Registered parents and children are given a login and access to the Ready Rosie Universal Pre-K and Family Engagement program, an online parent engagement tool. Interactive videos featuring parents modeling learning activities with their young children are delivered to participants via text or e-mail.  There are over 150 videos for pre-school aged children and another 75 videos focused on babies.  


Families also receive new books from First Book, and a log-in to Open e-Books, an electronic book reading program.  


Another foundation of the pilot program will be to teach parents to access Play Smart Literacy’s Social Media resources available on Pinterest.  These consist of over 20 topics related to Early Childhood, Adult Education, City Resources, and Family Engagement and Literacy.  This is free online, and would only require use of computers or online access at the shelters.


Registrants for Play Smart Literacy also recieve texts with ideas for how to inorporate playful learning games into their everyday life with their child.  

The End Component

We aim to Identify and connect with families in deep poverty who can benefit from family literacy services.  



We hope to give young children and their parents experience with EC learning and development activities.  By providing access and knowledge of how to utilize technology we will help parents support early learning for their child.



Our goal is promoting resilience and motivation in families to foster early learning for their children and to be a strong language model for their family.  We succeed when we see families moving forward on an education plan for their children and themselves.