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Parents as Informed Leaders

All parents want important and meaningful ways to collaborate with programs for their children's education. Because having a strong vocabulary is critical for children’s lifelong reading, speaking and listening comprehension, it is imperative that childcare professionals inform and support parents in their efforts to encourage their children’s language acquisition. While parents should take leadership/advisory roles in setting priorities, schools must offer parents supportive, research-based information about math talk, the importance of play in language comprehension, the strength of learning two languages at infancy and the value of a language-rich environment. Our book, The Gift of Words: How Do Children Learn to Talk? is based on recent research about how babies and toddlers learn to talk. There are also activities supporting the book at and Or go to our partner Play Smart Literacy at to share literacy games, play videos and make contact with play coaches on Chicago’s South Side.

Order your copy of The Gift of Words: How Do Children Learn to Talk?and activities supporting it at and via Amazon or BookBaby by clicking below:

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